Perfection Floor Sanding Ltd. offers bespoke floor sanding, varnishing, restoration, staining, lacquering and parquet work tin and around London. With almost 20 years of experience on the subject and more than a thousand completed requests, we have consistently and passionately refined our art form to near perfection, which is reflected directly into the work we do for those looking for a new, refreshing look of their wooden flooring.

We’ve began on our with the customer satisfaction in mind; which is why we’ve been in business for almost 20 years delivering high-quality services to those people that know the true value of flooring; redoing the old floor ads this this brand-new feeling to the floor, which boosts the value of the house.

Previously we’ve worked in Toronto for 8 years as well and after achieving success there we’ve moved to London to help more people bring a new spark of life into their living rooms, kitchens and halls by renovating their flooring into perfection.