Wooden Floor Repair and Renovation
Over time your wooden floor will accumulate marks, scratches and stains that can get very unsightly, distracting from the beauty of your wooden flooring. Or it may be that a furniture left a big dent/scratch in your flooring that you would like to remove, or maybe you just fancy a complete re-definition of your room by renovating your old wooden flooring into a masterfully even, elegant and protective flooring that will spark some life and welcoming feel into the room. This is an art form that has been cultivated in us more than twenty years ago before from our img pfs 001passion.

Furthermore, did you know that renovating your floor increases the value of your household and the well-being of the people within it?

We specialise in the repair and renovation of wooden flooring in London and surrounding areas; from solid wood, to parquet and engineered flooring. With almost 20 years of experience, we turn what’s often thought of “dead flooring” into bespoke polished flooring as can be seen from the transformations in our portfolio.

The wooden floor repair process depends on the type of damage done to the floor, your vision for the floor and the the type of services necessary to renovate your floor. There is however a set of steps that each project goes through. Our work starts off with a free pre-assessment of your room, and a quote of the renovation. During the pre-assessment we will meet and discuss your idea or concept for the flooring, making sure that we are on the same page as to what the final flooring will look like as well as make sure you’re satisfied with the quote offered, which depends on the size of the treated flooring area, the type of wood and the techniques we are going to use to repair your floor, helping us make sure we fit your needs and often exceed your expectations. We renovate flooring by floor sanding, staining, refining and painting all types of wooden floors and stairs. Most commonly we work with 3 types of wooden flooring;

  • Hard Wood
  • Soft Wood
  • Exotic Wood

We also maintain solid flooring and vinyl and specialise in cleaning and maintaining parquets made out of herringbone, mosaics and versailles panels.

img pfs 002The typical process of floor repair requires sanding; 95% of the dust is absorbed by our sanding machines. We will move the furniture out of the room if possible or cover it with material to prevent the dust from settling as well as clean up after ourselves included in the quote. We use equipment and resources from companies such as Bona, Junckers, Osmo and other industry-leading products from UK and Sweden making sure to deliver lasting, high quality products for all of our services.

We can fill in any missing wooden floor pieces that have degraded over time through water, fire, mould or direct damage inflicted on the wood; coating it to protect it from further environmental damage; there are multiple options available for wood type, colour, making sure it fits your preferences such as fitting the colour of the furniture in the room. We have a very wide range of wood available to choose from as well as various options in terms of finish and polish of the flooring, a selection of which is available on request during pre-assessment to trial before the purchase.

If you choimg pfs 003ose to stain your wood with a custom colour and are indecisive as to which colour would fit best, we can offer to trial different colour stain samples for the floor to help you choose the right colour and design of your floor. During the polishing stage of the project, we will lay down multiple layers of high quality polish to make sure to create a scratch and water resistance layer that will enhance the look and ‘feel’ of the floor, giving it that last ‘touch’ that we are well known for.

At the end of our project we will get in contact with you about your experience with us to make sure that we can deliver the best satisfactory service to you as possible.

The quote for wooden floor repair or renovation depends on the floor type, the type of service/equipment necessary, the surface area of the floor to be treated (per sq ft) and other variables, which is why we offer a free pre-assessment and consultation before you engage with us on the project. We can offer an estimated quote over the phone (07446 11 21 31) or via the contact form below and arrange a further consultation of the room (free, no obligation) to make sure we understand what it is you are after, and to offer you more precise quote suited to reasonable requests.

Guarantee and Promise
The finish/polish on the flooring comes with one year warranty; this includes any wood defects or scratches that were caused during and after the renovation flooring. Of course having 20 years of experience in the craft means that we are able to offer you one of the best wood flooring services in and around London so we want to make sure that your mind is put at rest, the guarantee you that your floor is in the safe hands of passionate professionals working in their element.